Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday Indecisions

Hey everyone! So I was on Pinterest looking for ideas of what to do makeup wise for this weekends birthday celebrations and I managed to narrow it down to two looks but I'm having a hard time choosing which one. HELP ME!?!?!

I know I want something with neutral colors and sticking with shades that bring out my eyes so I'm looking for something with browns and coppers. Now both of the following looks are gorgeous, but one is a really bold look while the other is more demure and natural looking.

Option #1 - A dark smokey look with a beautiful mix of browns and copper tones.
Check it out on Pinterest to see the original post

Option #2 - A shimmery smokey eye that's more neutral looking with a brown liner instead of black to make it a bit more natural.
Check it out on Pinterest to see the original post

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flawless Foundation

Hey everyone! I went to IMATS Toronto back in November and got my hands on a Beauty Blender kit. If you're not familiar with Beauty Blender it's a sponge that comes in an elliptical shape and is used for applying makeup.
Now the applicator itself can be a bit pricey, for just one it's around 26$ and for a set of two it averages around 34$. At IMATS I was able to purchase the pack of two for 25$ and the solid cleanser for 10$.

The fun part of this little tool is that you need to wet it before use. After you've saturated it (you'll see it grows to more than twice it's itty bitty size) and squeezed the water out you add your liquid foundation. To apply the foundation I dabbed the foundation onto my cheeks, forehead and chin. From there I gently stippled the foundation all over my face until it was blended. It's like using a stippling brush but better! With the elliptical shape it's easy to use the rounded base to apply the foundation all over your face and then use the pointed tip to get harder to reach areas like under your eyes and around your nose.

I was so amazed with this little sponge! Not only does it come in hot pink but it's easy to use, easy to clean and it applies my liquid foundations flawlessly on my face. Whether it's my BB Cream or full coverage foundation. Wetting the sponge seems to be the key because it allows the foundation to soak into my skin and coat evenly. I like using the sponge applicator better than a stippling brush which is what I had been using as of late.

To clean the sponges I used the solid cleanser that I purchased at IMATS. I figured it would be better to swipe the sponge over the solid bar instead of using the liquid cleanser since it would waste less product. I've had no issues removing my makeup from the sponges but I did notice that it still bleeds pink a bit when I wash it. I'm guessing it's just from the dyes and will only happen the first few times.

If you're interested in purchasing the Beauty Blender to try it out yourself I know you can get it at Sephora or on Beauty Blender's website.

If you want to find out more about the Beauty Blender click here