Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday Indecisions

Hey everyone! So I was on Pinterest looking for ideas of what to do makeup wise for this weekends birthday celebrations and I managed to narrow it down to two looks but I'm having a hard time choosing which one. HELP ME!?!?!

I know I want something with neutral colors and sticking with shades that bring out my eyes so I'm looking for something with browns and coppers. Now both of the following looks are gorgeous, but one is a really bold look while the other is more demure and natural looking.

Option #1 - A dark smokey look with a beautiful mix of browns and copper tones.
Check it out on Pinterest to see the original post

Option #2 - A shimmery smokey eye that's more neutral looking with a brown liner instead of black to make it a bit more natural.
Check it out on Pinterest to see the original post

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