Monday, March 4, 2013


Hey everyone! I'm so excited it's not even funny haha! I decided to go for it and register for courses to become a professional makeup artist. This is new territory for me since what I know came from observing others in my day to day life and watching Youtube videos!

I love using my family members and friends as guinea pigs and to date they have yet to complain which I'll take as a good thing. I like experimenting and trying out looks where I was inspired; whether that was from a video on Youtube or even a post on Pinterest.

I'm a big makeup junkie and have quite a stash that just keeps expanding and with taking these classes I'll have a legit reason for owning so much makeup! With my hoarding issues aside, I need to bring my own brush sets etc for the classes. Now I want to use a good set and I was thinking of purchasing another set from Sigma Beauty. I bought the Make Me Crazy - Essential Kit a few years ago and loved it! The brushes are amazing quality, they wash really well with minimal fall out and they're really great quality without being too expensive.

What's awesome is that they currently have a promotion for 10% off for the month of March so now would be a great time to purchase a new set, my only hesitation is what color do I get? I'm leaning towards just getting the classic black set since it seems more professional, but the coral/pink and the blue kits are really cute as well. Decisions, decisions...

Until then, if you want to take advantage of Sigma Beauty's 10% off promotion, or you just want to see what products they offer (They expanded a lot so it's not just brushes now! There's eye shadows, brush cleaning tools, skin care tools and more. It's really cool and you should definitely check it out!) then check out the link below:

Sigma Beauty's Website

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