Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jewelmint Mystery Box

Hey everyone! I made a recent purchase on Jewelmint the other day and my order just came in. Yay! *claps excitedly*

I chose the 4 Piece Timeless Mystery Box and at first I was a bit skeptical because I wasn't sure if I was going to like the pieces selected and I have to say I was really surprised. The way the mystery box works is that you get no say in what pieces are chosen, they're randomly chosen. I was worried I would end up not liking the pieces sent to me since a few of their pieces are a little too edgy for me. But surprise, surprise, I liked every one! Especially the gold bracelet/bangle whatever you want to call it!

The bracelets are really cute, and I'm already planning out outfits to coordinate with the gold one, and the heart shaped earrings are adorable. And coincidentally my birth stone as well..woo amethyst!

Here's a close-up of what I received in my mystery box:


1. Monaco Bracelet
Revive your wardrobe with this recolored favorite! This 7 ½” silver-plated bracelet embodies all the luxury of the original Monte Carlo Bracelet. A unique link design delivers superior style, while a fold over clasp secures each day with easy elegance. Wear this first-class piece, and indulge with tasteful splendor.

2. Heart Shaped Earrings
Unfortunately I couldn't find this one listed on Jewelmint's site for their description so I'm going to assume that they're no longer carrying it. They're silver with a diamond accent along one side with an amethyst stone in the middle.

3. Bird Cage Bangle
Mysterious and memorizing, this statement bangle wraps around the wrist in an intricate woven design.This square piece measures 1” wide and opens at 2 ½”.

Interested in getting your own pieces?
Here's a link to Jewelmint's website:

Also if you're not in the loop, Jewelmint changed things so now every time you buy something you earn points. Which is awesome! The Mintsider Rewards can be redeemed for credits on any of their affiliated sites: Jewelmint, Stylemint, Beautymint, Shoemint, Homemint and Intimint.
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