Monday, January 31, 2011

Drugstore vs High End Mascaras

Hey everyone! Today's post is all about mascaras. My question is, is it really worth investing in high end mascaras like Yves St. Laurent's Faux Cils, or are drug store brands like Maybelline's Falsies just as good if not better?

I've gone through my fair share of mascaras, trying to find ones that would volumize, others that would lengthen, one that was water proof etc. Now a days it's wanting my lashes to look thicker and fuller. Having heard rave reviews about Yves St. Laurent's Faux Cils mascara, I was curious to try it, but hesitant to shell out 30$+ for it. It's only a mascara after all. And thirty dollars is pretty excessive considering drug store brands are sold for less than ten dollars!

Anyways, while in Vegas for the holidays I had the opportunity to try the Yves St. Laurent Faux Cils mascara at one of the Sephora's there. It's a really cute tube and my first impressions were wow. I like shiny things! The applicator brush itself was nice and big so I could see how it easily covers the lashes (with enough coats!) to make them appear as if you have false lashes on. Now as lovely as this mascara was and how well it applied to my lashes, I have to say that I wouldn't be able to wear this as an every day mascara. For one, it made my lashes really thick looking, and it gave my every day office look a little too much pizazz (if that even makes sense ha!). It was just a bit TOO much for an every day mascara, though would be perfect not nights out, events and more because of the way it accentuated the lashes.

Now though I had purchased this, I did end up returning the tube because unfortunately it was drying out. It wasn't worthwhile paying 30$+ for a mascara that was already thick and chunky in the tube. I'm not putting that on my lashes thank you very much!

Wanting to find a dupe that was cheaper and not so dramatic, I tried out Maybelline's Falsies mascara. At first I wasn't too impressed, mostly on my part because I didn't read the labels and took a brown one instead of black. I dislike brown mascaras for some reason. But also because I didn't have high expectations. I've kind of diverted from only using drug store products to using high end products instead. I guess I was being a snob haha! Anyways, Maybelline's Falsies only cost 7$ and I really like the applicator brush for this mascara! It's a curved brush and I really find that it helps separate my lashes and helps to evenly coat them. Also, when you reverse the brush it's a great way to do your bottom lashes without them clumping. I'm not a fan of clumped lashes!

So basically I found that I liked the Maybelline Falsies mascara to be better than Yves St. Laurent's pricey Faux Cils mascara. The price was better, the coverage was just as good and I also noticed that I didn't end up with raccoon eyes at the end of the day like I did wearing other mascaras (Yves St. Laurent's included!). Moral of the story, don't judge a mascara by it's price! Sure everyone is bound to have their favorites, but sometimes there's a cheap dupe for the high end one you're using. And really, it's 30$ a tube really worth it? I know I'd rather spend my money on other products!!!
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