Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Skin Care Routine

Hey everyone! On the topic of skin care I was wondering what everyone else is doing/using? There's the typical three steps which include soap, astringent and moisturizer and I was wondering do you do all three? And products do you find work and don't work?

Right now I'm into Clinique products and using their three step kit which includes a gentle face wash/cleanser, an astringent and the dramatically different moisturizer.

At first I wasn't a big fan of the moisturizer. I didn't like the texture, the smell and I found it really didn't do anything for my skin. So I tossed that aside to then come across it a few months later. Deciding to try it again, I'm wondering why I didn't like it in the first place. Maybe because I'm using it more often, or because my skin is reacting differently to it, who knows. What I do know is that my face has never felt this soft before, I feel like I have baby cheeks haha!

My skin is somewhat sensitive so I do have to watch out what products I use and I'm loving the Clinique products because they're gentle on my skin, but give me the same results and some of the stronger products. I had to stop using St. Ives products, Neutrogena and even Clean & Clear because my skin was becoming too irritated which then lead to more breakouts. Which is not a good thing!!!

Aside from the daily skin care routine, sometimes I like doing face masks or finding products that can help clear the blackheads on my nose. Which are disgusting by the way! I've tried several brands and multiple products, even Biore nose strips, but they never did THAT good of a job, and for the amount I was spending it was crazy.

Watching gurus on Youtube seems to be my new addiction and one person who I love to follow is Jarmaine (jlovesmac1). She had done a skincare video herself and in it she mentioned this face mask product by Queen Helene. It's a mint julep face mask which smells super amazing! Like minty fresh bubble gum! It smells so good you want to eat it...though that'd be gross! Anyways, this face mask is kind of like a clay mask I guess you could call you. It's really thick and creamy and is nice and gentle on the skin. I wasn't expecting great results from this because face masks don't usually do as they should for me but I have to say I was really surprised with this one. For it to remove all of the blackheads on my nose with one use...WOW! For 4$ you get a pretty big tube and you don't really need much to do your entire face either. I like to either do my entire face or depending on the day I'll just put some on my nose. It's really inexpensive, works well and smells great! If you're looking for a good mask or something to remove blackheads I would definitely check it out. I found it in the states, you can find it at CVS or Walgreens. In Canada I'm not too sure where you can find it locally, but is a Canadian based "pharmacy" type website that sells them as well. They're 6.99$ here instead of 3.99$ like in the states, but it's still not too bad either price wise. The bottle itself is a bit bigger than the St. Ives apricot scrub if you compare the two so you are getting your moneys worth for it!
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