Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's coming!

Hey everyone! So Valentine's day is approaching and at Sephora they have a line up of products for this special occasion. Skimming through the products the one that stood out the most for me was Stila's little kit called Make Me Blush. It includes a full sized blush and two mini lip glazes in hugs and kisses.

The blush itself is just super cute because it resembles conversation hearts! I'm excited to receive this in the mail since I purchased it online. I saw a video where it was swatched next to Nars Orgasm blush and it looked amazing! It's a nice peachy pink color that will add that flush and glow to your cheeks.
When I get this kit in the mail I'll be sure to show you swatches of the blush and lip glazes. I have yet to try Stila lip glazes so we'll see how those turn out too. Though I don't need any more glosses since I own a ton already, these two shades are too cute to pass up on!

Here's a link to Sephora's website where you can find this cute kit! It retails for 20$ which is a really good price. Usually I pay more in Canadian but I believe they've updated things since it cost me 21$. Considering the blush retails alone for 20$ I think this set is really cute and affordable. Three Stila products for 20$ is really good!

Also here's a link to the blog where I saw the swatch of this awesome blush compared to Nars' Orgasm.
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