Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I recently made a purchase on Hautelook when they had CrownBrush products. I was super excited to purchase them because of rave reviews I was hearing from others and also because the price was right. I think I paid around 60$ for a full kit (The bronze set in the faux snake skin wrap) and a travelling set.
When it finally arrived I liked the packaging on the snake skin one, it was cute and I liked the color, but the travel set looked really cheap. The zippered area looked like it was hastily sewn on, the material wasn't too nice etc. All in all I was set up for disappointment from the beginning. Because I had high hopes? Possibly, but for the price I paid I was expecting a bit more!

Needless to say, when I finally opened both kits and viewed the brushes I thought okay, these look like they'll be good! The brushes seemed like practical every day ones with a few extras so I was sure to use them, until I took the brushes out of the packaging. Jaw dropping moment here!

They handle itself felt really like, hollow and cheap and the bristles oh my! They looked like someone had hacked them trying to get an even tip, the hairs were a mish mash of colors...there were blue fiber things included. That turned me off right then and there but I decided to give them a chance. They may not look so good but maybe they would apply nicely or something, who knew.

So giving them a chance the next morning I tried the large shadow brush, the regular shadow brush and the pencil. The regular shadow brush was very stiff and didn't pick up much of any color, nor did it apply it either. What a waste of my Stila shadows!! Switching brushes to the larger one, that one picked up the shadow a bit nicer but the application wasn't so good either. And don't get me started on the pencil brush gah!

All in all I really regret buying both sets of Crown Brushes and wish I had invested in Sigma brushes instead. I'm sure they would have come out 10x better than this! So to anyone looking into purchasing Crown Brushes, may I suggest looking at them in person before purchasing them online? Sure it's a good deal..but you can finder better quality ones at Walmart!
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