Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new love!

Hey everyone, so I wanted to discuss a product that I recently received for free (Part of Sephora's skin care challenge, buy x amount of items and receive one free). It's Philosophy's Purity Made Simpe formula which is a face wash, makeup remover and more all in one!

Now at first I didn't like this product at all! One for the smell, and two for how it felt on my skin. When reading the directions it mentions that you can apply it wet or dry. Thinking that was neat-o I decided to try it dry. Low and behold I though it was gross and sticky and my face quickly became irritated.

So having stashed that bottle away in some recess I kind of forgot about it. Now we come to me going to Vegas and shopping at Sephora, and I ended up with a free sample of this face wash! When I mentioned to the sales lady that I had previously used it and didn't like this product she urged me to try it wet. So taking her word for it I did...and wow!

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, okay it cleans my face nicely and makes my cheeks feel soft, but to remove my makeup? Really?! Well it did! Mascara, eye liner, shadow and all! I didn't have to scrub too much, just a light rubbing on my eye lid, rinsed it off and voila it's all gone!

So now this is my new love, aside from my Clinique face wash! Anyways, if you can get a free sample of it at Sephora I definitely recommend it! The full sized bottle itself is rather pricey, though consider that you get a lot in the bottle and don't need to use much for each application..but still.... 40$ US a pop is a little extreme each time for a face wash!

Any who that's my ramble for tonight, now off to bed! Ta ta for now!

Here's a link if you want to check it out at Sephora!
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