Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hautelook Haul

Hey everyone! So this is my first post and we're going to start things off with a haul!

I recently purchased Urban Decay and Lorac products from Hautelook.com (If you need an invite to the site I will provide a link below!). Needless to say I bought quite a bit and paid next to nothing for it. I love finding great deals and I always seem to find something on this website!

Anyways, to start off with I bought a few products from Urban Decay; a mix of eye shadows and eye pencils. For the eye shadows I bought Narcotic and Chronic, which are really nice matte shadows. For the pencils I got Green Goddess, Mary Jane, Maui Wowie and Purple Haze. I think I got them for something crazy like 2$ each so I bought two of each! They're really nice pigmented pencils with a smudge brush on the other tip.

My other purchase was from Lorac. I had previously bought an eyeshadow and loved the consistency, the pigmentation and the color itself and when I saw it was on sale I was urged to purchase more! I'm a shopaholic when it comes to makeup, what can I say? Anyways, I ended up Jade, Reverie, Lush, Olive and Lilac which are really nice neutral everyday colors. I found a baked matte satin eye shadow and decided to try Posh. It's a really nice peachy/pink color so I'm guessing it will be really cute as a highlighter, a base or for a look that's meant to be very neutral. Last but not least from Lorac is my Caribbean Crush palette. Now this was purchased for the sole reason of taking down south or using in the summer time because of the shades and the shimmer in the products. And I have to say that with swatching everything in here, the colors are really nice for the shadows, the blush is a cute color, the bronzer as dark as it is is really nice and the highlighter is cute as well! All in all, this palette has a bit of everything and it was less than 10$ if my memory serves me well.

Last but not least I was super excited when I came back from Vegas (My uncle's Christmas present to my sisters and I...amazing right?) to find a delivery from Tarte Cosmetics sitting on my bed! Just before leaving I had recently started following Tarte Cosmetics on Twitter, unbeknown to me they were holding a contest and giving away 5 palettes, of which I won one! I was so stoked! This palette is huge and retails for about 52$ at Sephora, so figure than in Canadian and you're looking at about 70$ or so!

I know I know, things are getting long but I'm almost done! Ha! Anyways, below I'll have pictures of all of the products I just received from my most recent haul from Hautelook and later on this week I'll do another haul on all of the beauty products I purchased in Vegas. I bought so much at the four Sephora's there!

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