Monday, March 7, 2011

Hautelook Haul

Hey everyone! So I recently purchased two pairs of boots on Hautelook and I have to say I'm impressed. Not only are both pairs really well made (Nice stitching, seams, material used etc), but I purchased them at amazing prices as well! I believe I paid about 50$ for both pairs together which is amazing considering what they retail for.

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The first pair is a little bootie by Kenneth Cole (Unlisted a Kenneth Cole Production). It's called "Lost and Found Bootie" I really love the idea of these where you can dress them up or down. The simulated leather is really nice and smooth, the color is a cute shade of taupe and I really love the little bow detailing on the side. The heel is a about 3 inches and it's my highest heel yet. I'm slowly transitioning from only wearing flats to adding in a bit of height. And I must say that these are pretty darn comfortable to boot! I don't want to wear them in the winter, I'm too afraid the snow or salt melting the snow will do something to them so I'm saving them for every other season! Spring is soon enough so we'll just have to wait for the snow to melt. These little booties cost me 30$ and I think they retailed for over 75$

Right now I'm just prancing around the house wearing them, trying to adjust myself to walking in heels. Haha I recently learned that it's easier to walk with your knees slightly bent than trying to keep them straight. I'm strange I know! Derp! But yeah, I love pairing these with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. And if I'm feeling fancy I have a dress I can even pair them with!

The other pair of boots are a flat sole faux suede type. They're called "Dana Flat Top Boot" and are from a brand called Report. I really love the faux suede on these, it's soooooo soft it's not even funny. It's so soft I rubbed them on my cheek when I first took them out of the box!!! I love the dark grey tint to these, I wanted something that would be easy to match with skinny jeans or even leggings. They're pretty casual but what I like about them, which makes them different, is the chain detailing. I think it gives it a little edge so they don't look like the regular joe smoe boots that I wear. These flat top boots cost me 21$ and retail for over 50$.

All in all I think I got an awesome deal for two pairs of amazingly cute boots! And yes, along with my makeup addiction I am also addicted to shoes. A girl can't have too many pairs of shoes can she? Didn't think so!
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