Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay so last weeks nails didn't stay on too long. I got stressed out and ended up peeling them off :/ Another bad habit of mine when I'm either bored or stressed out!

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This week I received my order from Amazon which contained the full set of China Glaze crackle polishes. Aside from trying to contain my excitement at the office and paint my nails then and there, I had to wait until I got home from a dinner to try them haha. In the end it was well worth the wait! I ended up taking a really bold blue (OPI's Ogre-The-Top from the Shrek collection) and paired it with the black crackle polish (Black Mesh).

I really love the effect the crackle polishes give and I can't wait to try out the other five colors!

The five colors consist of Lightning Bolt (white), Crackled Concrete (grey), Black Mesh (black), Crushed Candy (blue teal), Broken Hearted (hot pink) and Fault Line (purple).

The combinations with these polishes are endless and you'll never get the same design twice! How it crackles depends on the thickness and amount of polish you apply to your nails. It's really fun to apply it and watch it dry. The crackle effect looks like shrinking plastic. Really neat stuff!

What I really like about these polishes is that you can take your boldest colors like neon yellow or a really hot pink and it won't be so overwhelming with the crackled effect on top of it. It's still a wow factor without your nails making someones eyes bleed by being too bright haha! I have a really bright neon yellow polish that I've been worried about wearing to the office. It's not exactly an every day shade. But paired with one of the crackled polishes and I've got a cool new look that I can pull off!

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