Monday, July 18, 2011

Woo awards!

Big thanks to Melanie for giving me an award! Thank you so much!
You can check out her blog here: Adora Beauty 
 For more information on the awards go here

1. Thank the person that gave you the awards, and link back to them.
2. Post seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
4. Let them know they receive an award.

Seven Things:
1. I have a DEC in graphic design
2. I live in Montreal
3. I'm a daddy's girl
4. I own more nail polishes that I can possibly ever need
5. I have two younger sisters
6. I'm only starting to like having unruly curly hair (always wanted straight hair!)
7. I feel like I'm going to become a crazy cat lady because there are too many strays around my area and I just want to feed them all! :(

Name your favorite colour: Blue
Name your favorite song: Whisky Lullaby - Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss
Name your favourite dessert: Cheesecake
What pisses you off: Ignorant people
When you’re upset, you: Have a tendancy to raise my voice
Your favourite pet: Boots my new kitty
Black or white? White
Biggest fear: Spiders
Best feature: My lips
Everyday attitude: A mix of happy go lucky and shy
What is perfection: When someone can fully love who they are and not want to change anything about themselves
Guilty pleasure: Junk food
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