Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Favorites

Hey everyone! So I decided to make a post about what products I've been favoring so far this month. For my hair it's been a little dry and I've been curious to try the morroccan oil products. While shopping at Pharmaprix, a friend of mine pointed out the Moroccan Argan Oil saying that she really liked the difference it made with her hair. Curious about it I picked it up. And lucky for me it was on sale too! I think it was on sale for $7.99 instead of $9.99. The packaging wasn't that much of a seller for me, neither was how the product is dispensed. If you tip it over too much it will just poor out, same thing happens if you squeeze a little too hard on the bottle. Those defaults aside, I really love the smell of this product...and what it does to my hair too! I've taken to applying just this to my hair after a shower. No more mousse, hair gel, defrizzing products...nothing else! And it's amazing the difference it makes. My hair is a lot softer in texture where before it was dry and coarse and it's a really noticeable difference in the no frizz department. Also....I'm loving the healthy shiny my hair is deciding to sport. I feel like my hair FINALLY looks like those shown in the commercials. Nicely placed hair that's all shiny and soft looking. I've never had that before and now I do! And it's awesome!

Anyways...enough about my hair and it's new found awesomeness. Another item I'm liking at the moment (which I forgot I even bought a few months back when it was on liquidation at the Duty Free when we were on a trip to the States) is this Clinique Pore Minimizing Serum. I was skeptical about it because for something to help reduce the size of my pores on my nose and make the blackheads less noticeable...tough feat! And I wasn't about to put my hopes in one little tube. Well low and behold, after a few days of using the serum as directed (Twice a day after using the 3 step skin care routine - Face wash, toner and moisturizer) I've noticed that my pores are smaller and that my blackheads seem less apparent. I'm constantly doing masks and scrubs to reduce my black heads but my nose likes to be stubborn. Using the serum seems to be working and we'll see if the results change in the new few weeks. On a side nose has never felt softer haha. Usually in the winter my nose and cheeks are dry but I guess the extra steps in my skin care routine are making a difference! I'm not sure how much the serum runs for but I think I picked it up for something like $9.00. Which seemed cheap at the time for a Clinique product...liquidated price or not!
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