Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Updates

Okay so I've been out of the loop for a while and here's to hoping that I can keep better on track with updating this blog!

Recently I went to Toronto for IMATS 2011. It was amazing and I even saw Koren! If you don't know who that is, he's an amazing guru on Youtube check him out here on Youtube. There were quite a few things going on, such as the demonstrations, the different company booths and more. The main things I hit up were for brushes, palettes and face powder (I finally found my NARS loose powder woohoo!)
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I bought new smudging brushes and a few palettes and lip products from NYX Cosmetics. Love their products!! And the deals were amazing too. Their version of the Urban Decay Naked Palette cost me a whole $15.00 WOW! There's two rows of neutral eye shadows and one row of really pigmented and creamy lip colors. So worth it for the price! And I even managed to score one of NYX's jumbo eye pencils in Milk. I have another version of this white jumbo eye pencil but it has shimmer to it and I was looking for something that was more matte. Behold one of their representatives walking around with a stack and lands in my stash! I think they were something like $6.00 each which really isn't expensive considering the amount of product that's in each jumbo pencil! And I love how creamy these glide on, I already own a few other colors!

For inspirations lately I've been viewing videos from a new guru I found on Youtube called BEATFACEHONEY. I'm in love with her latest tutorial which was inspired by Selena Gomez's song "Love you like a love song." It's a gorgeous look and I can't wait to try and replicate it. Possibly for Christmas?!
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