Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Favorites

Hey everyone! For the month of January I've been testing out a few products that range from beauty to hair care and these are the ones I really liked. I also have my latest Glymm Box which I'll write another post about. I'm not as excited about this months variety of products as opposed to last months but I guess it's hit or miss with those since they're a surprise in every box haha! Anyways, here are the products I liked!

EOS Lip Balm - Lemon Drop Flavor
I love this lip balm, especially in the cold season because my lips get very dry and chap. Aside from the adorable round packaging with bright colors, this lip balm is a great moisturizer. The lemon drop flavor has a pleasant scent that reminds me of candy necklaces and it applies nicely without having to put on several coats. Another great thing is that it doesn't have a disgusting flavor even though it has SPF in it which is great for protection, but in other lip balms I've tried, it makes them taste really gross!

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara in Black
I'll admit that I was hesitant in buying a drugstore mascara since the last few I tried bombed hard core! Though after some pushing and prodding from my sister I caved and decided to try another one. We'll ignore the fact that my favorite Stila one was drying up and that it's super crazy expensive ($30 for a small tube of mascara...really?) and put our thumbs up that Pharmaprix was having a sale on Rimmel mascaras! Yay! I think I got it for something around $7-8 instead of $9-10, not to sure what the price was any more, and I chose black though there was a darker shade of black up from that one.

The tube itself is really cute with the metallic pink and the graphic pattern imprinted on it. The wand is pretty good too for one of the silicone applicators with the tiny little feelers (They always look so funny to me!) and I really don't have any complaints for this mascara. It doesn't flake off at the end of the day, it's buildable, applies evenly to my lashes without caking it on and I haven't poked myself in the eye with the applicator yet! Bonus for me! I have a tendency to do that with bigger or longer applicators.

All in all I really like this mascara over the Maybelline ones I've tried before. Namely the Falsies mascara. I had liked it at first and then the mascara just went down the toilet for me, gawd it was awful! But Rimmel has made me less wary of buying drug store mascaras, and for that, my eyes and I thank you haha!

Babyliss Pro Argan Oil
I received this little bottle as a stocking stuffer this Holiday. I'm not sure where my mother found it or how much it costs, but I do know it smells amazing and my hair is really loving it! I apply it to my wet hair when I come out of the shower and let it do it's thing. I don't even need to put in any other hair products to tame my frizziness and curls, it's awesome! And the shine it leaves..gawd my hair is finally starting to looking and feel awesome and healthy and it's great! The argan oil an oil treatment that is supposed to help with the frizzies and smooth out your help, give an amazing healthy shine and condition your hair all without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down. It's a little miracle bottle if you ask me. My hair was lack lustre, dried at the tips and always super frizzy before I started using argan oils. I've noticed a big difference in my hairs health and how it looks and feels now a days and I have to say it's awesome. I definitely recommend any argan/morrocan oil hair treatments!

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish - Shine of the Times
Yay another awesome Essie nail polish! I was given this one as a Christmas present so I'm not sure where my friend got it, but what I DO know is that it's an amazing top coat. The glitter in this little bottle is amazing, it's like white glitter with yellow and pink shimmer. It's really cute and unique, I don't own any other glitter polishes like this one. And the glitter when it's applied is great too. I have a few other polishes where I get more clear than glitter but this one coats really nicely with just one application. It's great paired over any color and I had fun using this one when trying to do a cosmic effect on my nails. Needless to my nails turned out bad, but the glitter on top looked nice! I know Essie polishes usually run around $14 at the Pharmaprix by me, but I haven't seen the Luxeffects collection there yet. Hopefully soon because there were some other shades I'd like to get my hands on!

E.V.A. Clip Free Curler - 25-18MM Tourmaline
Here's another awesome Christmas gift that I got from a friend. I was looking into getting a curler that didn't have the clamp since I never could quite get the hang of using them. Plus the one I have gives a bigger curl and I wanted something that would give a tighter curl. First off, I love the pattern, animal print oh yeah! It comes with a glove to help prevent me from burning myself and the base swivels to help make things easier. It's a nice light weight tourmaline curler that heats up relatively fast and is really easy to use. If you're looking for something similar I believe this one was from Winners and it comes in various prints too, from solids to other animal prints. They're really cute and not overly expensive!

Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
This little guy right here was a sample that my sister received in her luxebox I believe two months ago? It's a toning lotion that you apply to your face before applying your moisturizer. While I'm not too crazy about the scent (It's like a dilute shampoo scent and something really fragrant like a strong perfume) I have noticed really great results with this product. We're in the winter months and with the cold and humidity come dry cheeks. A quick fix for that when just my moisturizer isn't enough? A dab of this toning lotion and my cheeks feel as smooth as a baby's bottom. Well not quite cause that'd be awkward...but you know what I mean! Anyways, the packing is really cute, the product does wonders on my dry skin and it's another great product from Benefit. I've seen the latest collection of Benefit products at my local Pharmaprix and I have to admit that I really love the packaging! The full sized bottles look other wordly, kind of like genie bottles or something old like a glass bottle I'd find my grandmother keeping. All to say that I really like the packaging! While reminding me of little genie bottles, I guess you could say that they also kind of look like potion bottles. Which is a plus for me since it makes me think of Harry Potter...*insert nerdy fangirl here*

Anyways! If you're looking for something to help prep your face before putting on your moisturizer to give your face that extra boost of hydration I would recommend this product, but my one hesitation is the price since it is pretty pricey. I think it's about $30 for the full sized bottle.

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