Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Glymm Box

Hey everyone, so I received my Glymm box in the mail for the month of January. While at first I wasn't all that impressed with what was inside, I believe it's safe to say that my opinion quickly swayed after using the products found inside the ever adorable pink box!

For those who haven't heard about Glymm, they're a site that offers you different sample sized products every month. Each box (one for each month) comes with an assortment of products that can range from makeup to nail polishes to even hand creams and lots lots more! Curious and want to find out more, check out Glymm's site here. Like I mentioned in a previous post, what I really like about Glymm and what makes them so different is the fact that you can not only buy the full sized products your testing on their website, but you can earn points which can be redeemed in their store too. An example being, every 100 points you accumulate is $10 you can spend in their online store. Amazing yeah? And it's not like it's really card to get the points either. One dollar per point, you get bonus points for subscribing and getting friends to join, and with each box you get surveys to take which give you even more points. The surveys are really neat too because they're about what you though of the product and more.

Now on to the goodies! In this month's January box there were five items:
Kaia Naturals - Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths - 30 cloths/ $17.99
Vasanti Cosmetics - Brightenup! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - 120ml / $34.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Clear Brow Gel - 0.28 oz / $21.00
Burt's Bees - Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion - 170g / $12.99
Cargo Cosmetics - Eye Pencil - 2g / $16.00

At first I was a little put off by these cleansing cloths because of the smell. I get that they have all of these juicy vitamins and what have you..but the smell? It wasn't all that pleasant... But these cleansing cloths did redeem themselves! They took off all of my makeup, mascara and raccoon eyes included and left my face feeling refreshed and hydrated before applying my moisturizer. One little cloth packed quite a punch. Now as interested as I was in wanted to buy them once I'm done using my current Ponds makeup remove wipes, I noticed the price for 30 of them and that quickly turned me off from them. $17.99 is a little excessive for wipes that will last me a month. I can't justify spending about $20 a month of face wipes...nope can't do it.

Weird name and a little bottle and I wasn't sure at first sight what exactly this product was supposed to do for me. Fancy name aside, it's a scrub like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub or even the Queen Helene Mint Scrub. The particles are a lot smaller when compared to the Queen Helene bottle I tend to favor, but it did leave my cheeks feeling nice and buffed after using it. This product wasn't a big wow item for me, but it did give me good results and I did end up liking it in the end. The major downside to this product is the price. $34.00 for a tube is more than what I'm willing to spend on a face scrub. I think I get my Queen Helene for something around $4.00....sames results and it costs me $30.00 less. Though if you wanted to spoil yourself and had the money to splurge a bit, I would recommend this if you wanted to try something new in your skin regime.

Ugh okay..first off the smell is really terrible. Bees wax, milk and honey is not a pleasant scent and especially when the products smell lingers on your skin for an extended period of time, it gets to be overwhelming. The moisturizer itself is amazing for a body lotion and my arms and legs greatly appreciated it's effects...but the smell is just so off putting that I gave the second sample of this product away. My nose just wouldn't take it!

I've tried one of these clear brow gels from Anastasia before and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I didn't use it much and thus I'm not going to be using this sample much either. But hey, when I do decide to do something with my brows I'll be sure to reach for this little tube! I've tried the eyebrow pencils from Anastasia before and I really like her line. Again, it's a bit on the pricey side, but if you want a really good high end product for your brows I definitely recommend checking out Anastasia products!

This little pencil is a full sized product that came in the color Wood which is #18. It's a really cute brown which seems to have some grey undertones mixed in. It's a bit on the light side but I find it great for accenting my green eyes. The shade is perfect for mixing with an every day look when I'm looking for something on the softer side and nothing super edgy. The pencil glides on nicely and though it's not as creamy when compared to the texture of my Stila liner, it still applies nicely without having to do multiple passes before seeing any results. For the size of the pencil it's pretty expensive, though mind you I do like to splurge on my Stila pencils....but that aside, the shade itself is different from other brown pencil liners I've seen before and that might factor into purchasing it. If someone knows of a cheaper dupe let me know! I wouldn't pay for another one of these liners but if I get it in my Glymm box or as a sample I won't say no!

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