Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NOTW - Orange Punch!

Hey everyone. So I went a little different this time when painting my nails. Usually I pick a neutral or pink color, but this time I decided on something a little bit different. During my little shopping excursion in Plattsburgh last weekend I ended up buying a few nail polishes because they were on sale. One of them in particular was a bright orange called Orange Punch by Orly. This color is really bright and vibrant and I am really loving it! For going out of the box I am really loving this decision haha. Now we will have to see which crazy color I choose next!

I tried to get as clear of a picture as I could..but somehow it looks more coral and pink than bright orange. I assure you that it is a really bright vibrant orange haha. I would almost even say it may be a neon color too!

Also I was working on my collective haul post and somehow managed to delete all of my pictures which included the products and swatches! So now I have to retake them....not fun! I should hopefully have the haul done by the end of this week!

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