Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Favorites - Beauty Products

Hey everyone! For the month of July it's been really hot so far so I've had to switch up a few things for my daily routine. It's too hot to layer products on my face for me to sweat it off....eww I know!

Anyways, I have a few new purchases and some older ones that are making a comeback in my new daily summer routine for this month. I've narrowed it down to my top 7 beauty products which range from makeup to nail products!

    Essie nail polish in too too hot

    This nail polish is a really fun summer time color that's perfect for mani/pedi's. It's a cute coral shade that has a bit more of a red under tone but is similar to "Like Me" which is a similar shade with more orange under tones. It's described as a sizzling rich red coral and has been my go-to color on more than a few occasions so far this summer. It really goes with every thing!

    For more information check out the Essie website.

    Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in stingray

    First of all, I love love love this eye liner and have been using it for a while now, but now that it's summer time and there's all this gross humidity and heat, this eye liner is my new best friend! Not only will it stay on my water line all day...but I don't get raccoon eyes either. It's wonderful to say the least! It's a bit on the pricey side and I've already gone through two of them. But if you really want an eye liner that's going to last you all day, is water proof and you don't have to spend 5 minutes swiping on to get the intensity you'd like, I'd definitely check it out!

    For Canadian's like myself, you can find it online or in store at your local Sephora

    Stila blush in make me blush

    This blush is one of my favorites and I think it's a good knock off for Nars' orgasm blush. It's a mix of three different shades of pink, ranging from a sheer pink to a deep coral. There's a hint of glitter and I really like how this blush looks on my cheeks. My cheeks are naturally flushed and instead of making them worse it helps calm the coloring down yet still make them look cute! For once I like my cheeks!

    Unfortunately this was a limited edition version that was sold around Valentine's Day. It was sold in a set with two lip glazes and I don't believe it's available for purchase any more.

    For more information on the Valentine's Day set, check out a previous blog post.

    Lise Watier Satellite bronzing powder in #198
    This bronzer is an old purchase that I made in the winter when I my face needed that extra pick me up so that my complexion didn't look so ghastly. I bought this one on a whim because the glitter is very minimal and it gives me a natural looking complexion. In other words, I'm in between ghastly pale and looking like a got a bit of sun!

    There's four different parts of this bronzer, I'm not an expert and don't fully understand what each one is and what they do, but what I do know is that when I mix all four together with my kabuki brush my face rejoices and I like to use the lightest color as a highlighter for my brow bone.

    It retails for around $30.00 which is pretty pricey, but I'm happy with it and I love the brand. I would definitely shop around before recommending this one, but it is a product I would recommend testing.

    Check it out here for more information or to purchase it for yourself.

    Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara in blackest black
    Hands down this is one of my favorite mascaras! I tried switching to Maybelline's Falsies mascara because it was so much cheaper....but I really didn't like it as much in the end. The Buxom mascara is on the pricey side but I really love what it does to my lashes and it's always consistent results. They look fuller, never clump and it stays on all day!

    The brush itself is a bit weird, it's not your typical mascara wand and the bristles I believe are something like silicone, so there's dozens of little spikes to pick up your lashes. This mascara is described as an intensely volumizing mascara for bigger, fuller lashes and I really have to agree. I would literally shout from the roof tops how much I love this mascara but it's biggest downfall is the price! It retails for almost $30 Canadian which is enough to break most wallets. Seriously...why spend $30 on a mascara when you can get a pair of shoes for that price!?! Anyways....if you're at Sephora looking to try something new and possibly have it in your budget, I suggest checking out this amazing masacara!

    Find Buxom's mascara on Sephora's website here.

    Stila lip glaze in pucker up
    I love Stila lip glazes and when my sister found a mini kit on sale at Winner's her first thought was to call me...and of course I told her to buy it haha. The kit consisted of a mini black mascara, a lip glaze in pucker up and a cream eye shadow in purple pumps. All three together created a mini kit for the Barbie <3 Stila collection.

    Now I'm not a big fan of punchy colors on my lips, I usually stick to sheer glosses or nude lip sticks, but I seriously fell in love with this hot pink shade! It's this really vibrant pink/fuschia color with a hint of glitter and it's amazing for adding a pop of color to my lips. I can make it sheer by adding it over top my lip balm or I can make it more intense by forgoing my lip balm. My lips are now bright and colorful this summer and all thanks to a random find!

    The Barbie collection as to my knowledge is basically no longer being sold. You might be able to find an item or two around for sale online, but there are other really cute colors available from Stila that you can get from their site directly or even at Sephora. If you're Canadian like myself, then Sephora is your best bet since Stila's online website doesn't offer international shipping...YET!

    Check out other lip glaze colors on Sephora's website
    Check out other lip glaze colors and more on Stila's website

    EOS lip balm in lemon
      Ah how adorable is this lip balm? I found it in the states on vacation last winter and I seriously need to get my hands on another one! Aside from the amazingly sweet lemony scent, this lip balm tastes yummy, does a better job at moisturizing my lips than my old Nivea lip balm...I love the packaging! It's a really fun idea for a lip balm container and I have to say I like this better than a stick. It's easier and might I had more fun, to apply your lip balm with this product than it is with your regular run of the mill lip balm. 

      It comes in a variety of flavors and it's relatively cheap too! I think it was around $3 and you get quite a bit of product inside. I've had mine for a few months and with constant application I'm not quite down to the last bit yet! And as a little bonus feature for this cutie has SPF15 in it so it keeps your lips nice and moist instead of extra crispy!
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